Restscene Surface Sterilant

RESTSCENE™ Hygiene Culture is an introduced revolutionary personal safety relief to compliment the hotels' vigilant monitoring precautions in ensuring safer and more hygiene stay for guests in their respective facilities, as a result of certain global hygiene concerns that initiated the proffered solution, respectively.

The hygiene culture encourages the hotel industry to make available the 100ml Surface Sterilant Isopropyl Spray introduced by RESTSCENE™ in all their room facilities for their potential guests to feel some extra hygienic safety by having the opportunity to embark on some stress-free "do-it-yourself" hygiene practice as they check into their respective accommodation facilities.

As part of our contribution towards the Revolutionary Hygiene Culture Initiative on the hospitality industry, RESTSCENE™ commits to support the hotel industry with a total of 1million complimentary bottles of the 100ml Surface Sterilant Isopropyl Spray. This 1million complimentary bottles will be strategically disseminated amongst initial hotels that exhibit interests in implementing the revolutionary hygiene culture in their respective hotel facilities by first activating their listing on the platform and endorsing the100ml Surface Sterilant Isopropyl Spray Service request document

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Thus, the RESTSCENE™ Surface Sterilant is 100ml of 90% Isopropyl as main active ingredient packaged in a fancy misty spray bottle and designed for respective guests use as they check into their rooms. Clients can utilize the spray as their personal sterilant on surfaces of the room well-made beds/pillows, desk/chairs, doorknobs, remote controls, magazines, toilets (seat & handle) faucets/shower heads and handles, wardrobe/cabins/safe handles, kitchen counters, light switches, computer keyboards, keycards, handrails, rental cars, shopping cart, atm/other machines and lots more. This is a completely personal safe and effective sterilizing operation with maximum protection and spread against fungi, bacteria, germs, and harmful diseases.

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