We are here for you

At Restscene, your safety is very important to us. This is why we are here to ease the stress of getting a place where you are rest assured.

Stay safe

Restscene is all about providing its guests and hosts with luxurious experiences in a safe and hygienic environment. As COVID-19 continues to impact travels in different areas around the world, we look into ways you can travel safe and sustain an hygiene culture wherever you are.

  • Check travel restrictions before making a reservation or booking an accommodation, travels might not be allowed or only permitted due to your destination restrictions. Kindly look through the publicly available links to government websites for several countries around the world. That a country’s is absent from the overview list does not mean that travel restrictions has not been set on those countries or places.
  • Review cancellations and policies on all bookings. This applies to all reservations whether or not listing cancellations and policies: they apply to all reservations whether or not it is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Consider having a travel insurance: some travel insurances provide coverage for illness due to COVID-19 should you be diagnosed or prevented from making your trip at the time of your departure.
  • Maintaining a good hygienic culture wherever you go. Wash your hands, stay away from crowded gatherings and always remember to wear a face mask. You can also make use of the Restscene surface sterilant in our approved hospitality facilities.

To support hospitality industry and its respective guests in keeping their rooms and lodging facilities more hygienic and safer, RESTSCENE introduces a revolutionary hygiene culture to facilitate in every guests' stay, respectively. The RESTSCENE™ Surface Sterilant is a personal safety disinfectant that compliments the hotels' vigilant monitoring precautions in ensuring safer and more hygienic stay for guests in their respective facilities.

This hygiene culture encourages the hotel industry to make available 100ml Surface Sterilant Isopropyl Spray in their room facilities for individual guests while allowing these guests to embark on some stress-free do-it-yourself hygiene practice, as they check into their accommodation facilities.

Canceling or Modifying your trip

Cancellation due to the coronavirus depends on several factors, including where you're traveling to, your country of origin, arrival date, and reason for traveling.If your cancellation falls under this category, the host has to refund the guest or offer a free date change as compensation.

Hosts choose their own cancellation or refund policies for their listings. If you are making changes outside these rules or cancellation policies please reach out to our customer service support to make adjustments on your behalf.

Why doesn't the coronavirus change the Restscene general policy?

Individual booking and reservation policies are being set by the host whose property you have booked. As such, a review of the general policy cannot be affected.

Can I give my reservations to someone else?

Visit our contact us session to talk to one of our representative if you wish to do so/

Each property has its own policies for this type of change to a reservation and we can best inform you about them.

We also recommend that all guests and hosts follow health and safety information from health officials as well as travel advisories from local authorities.