Restscene Membership Loyalty Card

Restscene operates a loyalty membership card system that enables its subscribers globally to purchase goods and services on its platform.

This membership loyalty card is like no other as it is a non-chip but pin enabled "Loyalty Discount Card". This metallic card comes in a light grey color; it is made of durable & prestigious material. Each card has its own unique 15 digit, which is unique to each cardholder's identity and user access PIN protection.

For you to become a Restscene loyalty card subscriber, you must first sign up on the Restscene platform. You will be required to provide an official ID (driver's license, international passport, national ID) or any other government-approved ID, mailing address, and agree to restscene loyalty card terms and conditions before processing your payment.
Each card will be mailed to the respective activated cardholder's address.

The Loyalty membership card is renewed after 5yrs and subscription for the card renewed annually.

Benefits of Having the Restscene Loyalty Card

  • Restscene has widespread global coverage that allows you to make use of the Restscene Loyalty Card in various places around the World.
  • The Restscene Loyalty Card gives a 2.5% discount on every booking made.
  • Subscribers can use their card to make orders in Hotel facilities that have merchants that accept Restscene cards
  • Subscribers can take advantage of "discount coupon" opportunities from Merchants that accept Restscene card
  • Subscribers can send and receive money via the Loyalty Card in their wallets.
  • The Loyalty Card can be used as a form of identification in all hotels or/and subscribed merchants on our platform.