A Global Online Lodging Service Facility Provider

RESTSCENE - a product of RESTSCENE Inc. is an online Accommodation Sourcing and Travel Experience Networking platform that connects guests to a wide variety of hotels and property listings, globally. As an accommodation sourcing platform, RESTSCENE facilitates access to lodging facilities; operating as a broker between hosts and it’s guests in search of tasteful serviced space in line with their desires, be it luxury, security, privacy, affordability, etc. Hence, building connections quickly and seamlessly, through which they gain access to a distinctive understanding of the cultures of their proposed travel destinations. While hosts/property owners/prolific vendors get equipped with strategic opportunities the platform avails to enable them to thrive in this new economy.

A Travel-Experience-Networking Platform

Restscene goes beyond just booking. We believe experiences and memories cherished by one person can also be enjoyed by everyone on the Restscene platform! Restscene allows every user to see and experience the world through the Restscene experience timeline. Users of the experience platform may post their media content (pictures, short videos and stories) and give their opinion on their various adventures, in all the places they have visited; the lodges, resorts, cuisines, trips, events, festivals and so much more happening within that region.

Through the Restscene experience timeline, people within the same locality can connect and network, while gaining exposure to other regions by getting in touch with users via first-hand experiences in those places. This feature can also help all users to gain access and understand the where, how, and when of the lifestyle obtainable in such places. It could also speed up the decisions of prospective travelers on where to go, where to have fun, what not to do, the people to meet, and local experiences to enjoy when going to a particular destination.

For several decades, the hospitality industry has lived by core values established by its founders and promoters to "Take care of its guests and associates." This enduring value still guides them even as it faces the difficult challenge of responding to pandemics, globally. In this climate, we understand recent concerns that come with travels and lodging, yet, we are certain of the fact that the safety of all guests and associates in these facilities has been and is still of top priority.

Hence, we thank you; the guests in advance, for putting your trust in their efforts as you plan for future travels, research on diverse locations and budget towards the pleasurable experience. It is not farfetched that these hotels are putting in place your safety as an utmost priority; to afford your hygiene and safe experience all the way.

As You Book

When you book a stay at the respective facilities, you should have the confidence that they are doing everything they can to have their accommodation healthily ready for you. Bear in mind, that we are monitoring all international and local health agencies closely for the latest developments related to managing every of your health concerns. The respective facilities are encouraged to follow every guidance and reinforce respective recommendations on the appropriate health and safety measures within their localities.

Before Your Stay

Given the impact of current health concerns on how we work, socialize, and travel, considerations are generally made to adapt and update cancellation policies to provide you with the most flexibility the accommodation facilities can offer. However, for guests with existing individual reservations, they are allowed changes or cancellations without a charge up to 24 hours before arrival. While for guests making new individual reservations, they are allowed the flexibility to change or cancel their bookings at no charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled arrival date.

During Your Stay

The respective accommodation facility recognizes that current health concerns require us all to be more mindful as we go about our regular activities. Daily, lodging service providers around the world are working to ensure that they meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning. Hence, RESTSCENE as a bridge between these hosts and their prospective guests have strategically introduced the availability of 100ml Surface Sterilant in all the respective rooms for individual guests’ consumption as they check into the facility.

Hence, to support in keeping the hospitality industry and their respective guests safer, RESTSCENE introduces a revolutionary hygiene culture to facilitate every guests' stay, respectively - The RESTSCENE Surface Sterilant. The RESTSCENE™️ Surface Sterilant is a personal safety disinfectant that compliments the hotels' vigilant monitoring precautions in ensuring safer and more hygienic stay for guests in their respective facilities.

This hygiene culture encourages the hotel industry to make available 100ml Surface Sterilant Isopropyl Spray in their room facilities for individual guests while allowing these guests to embark on some stress-free do-it-yourself hygiene practice, as they check into the accommodation facilities.

As part of our contribution towards the revolutionary hygiene culture, RESTSCENE gets to support pertinent accommodation lodging facilities with a total of ONE MILLION COMPLIMENTARY BOTTLES of the 100ml Surface Sterilant. This donation is strategically distributed amongst initial hotels that show interest in implementing the revolutionary hygiene culture in their respective lodging facilities.

Inclusivity & Discrimination

Restscene is committed to having a platform free from racial discrimination for employees, guests, hosts, e.t.c. An important aspect of our company is to run an inclusive based agenda where people of all backgrounds and/or races can enjoy the pleasures of lodging without discrimination. Restscene is stanched on working closely with guests and hosts to tackle biased hospitality during and after stays. It is very important to us in creating a pleasing environment for all as we remain dedicated to this cause.

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To create a world that takes away the friction of travels, with a large selection of incredible places to stay and experiences to explore... a world where people can belong through memorable and endearing experiences that are home-grown, authentic, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable, even at cut-rate prices.

Value Proposition

RESTSCENE utilizes the platform to uniquely leverage technology to economically empower people globally. This allows property owners and non-property owners the opportunity to unlock and monetize their potentials to become hospitality entrepreneurs. Consequently, the property owners utilize the platform to break extra marketing grounds and earn consistent income and recognition from either their listed property, while others utilize their efforts in promoting the property of other people on their social and private networks. Restscene Affiliate Program at ‘No Sign-up Fees’.

Value Formation

RESTSCENE operates as a broker between hosts and travelers by giving hosts a new layer of economic empowerment with further strategic corporate exposures - The Restscene Hospitality Catalogue and travellers an experience of affordable luxury accommodation. While for both the hosts and guests, the pleasure of indirectly and continuously helping a home by just being part of the RESTSCENE Community. Thus, in providing a rating and review system, the platform builds trust within its community of users as profiles and user reviews help to create reputation and confidence among participants of the marketplace.


RESTSCENE focuses on providing what travellers truly want, and what all property owners truly need with the idea of building interaction even when travellers find themselves in an unusual locale. Restscene engages the community through diverse unique accommodation experiences, alongside planned travel adventures, through partnerships with the local community beyond the virtual spaces and city authorities; thereby evoking the business-to-consumer (B2C) physical analogy of trade, and establishes a wealth of novel marketcoverage opportunities for diverse hospitality service providers.

Core Values

An affordable (discounted) and adventurous travelling accommodation opportunity that facilitates access to specific lodges and local experiences, that aims at enabling travellers to feel at “home away from home” by building connections with their destinations; gaining access to the distinctive culture of their travel destinations with potentials that include:

Incredible Selections

Whether guests want to stay in a luxury beach resort or soothing hotel lodge, cozy villa in the countryside, or some chic serviced facility. RESTSCENE gives users amazing diversity and variety of choice – all in one place.

Affordable Luxury

RESTSCENE guarantees to offer its users (guests) the best available hotels, resorts, villas at reasonably priced rates, and with our promise of quality, they can be rest assured to always get a great deal on the platform.

Prompt Approvals

At RESTSCENE every reservation is promptly confirmed. As guests decide on their special accommodation, few clicks affirm them to the experience.

Competitive Rate

RESTSCENE charges one of the lowest commission rates. Upon every successful booking transaction on listings, the platform charge hosts a commission of 12.5% compared to other accommodation platforms.

Free Reservation

RESTSCENE does not charge guests booking fees nor administrative charges and in some instances, their booking can also be cancelled free of charge, while properties and even more listing from hosts are being registered on the platform at no fee charged.

Protected Booking

RESTSCENE works to the highest standard to guarantee user privacy through our highly secured platform. All transactions on our platform are SSL secured, and our card transactions are facilitated by Bank of America, First Data Global, and PayPal; invariably providing a variety of secure payment options.

24/7 Support

RESTSCENE Customer Support Team is available round the clock to answer your questions and advocate on your behalf whether you are planning a move or you have just booked or already enjoying your trip. Please, ensure to review our FAQs for partners and travellers.

Partners’ Value

In RESTSCENE, we believe key stakeholders of the hospitality industry merits unique strategic exposure and return on their investments. Hence, Restscene strategically creates a global marketplace for our valued hosts and users. This is to enable them swiftly and easily break new grounds in promoting their listings, extend target guests reach, grow individual businesses, establish a network of corporate presence and above all, have unending experiences through the platform’s Hygiene Culture Initiative, Affiliate Program, Loyalty Card, Hospitality Catalogue and the pleasure of being an endorsed host on the Restscene Recommended Listing Column and a contributor to the Help a Home Initiative.

Revenue Model

RESTSCENE receives commissions of 12.5% upon every successful booking transaction on listings of the esteemed hosts, while the total balance is paid out to the respective host designated account, a day after every confirmed guest check-in. Hence, the platform is one in its own class that gives back nearly 50% of its charged commission into strategic marketing and promoting of respective listings on its platform and making contributions in diverse ways to her community that includes:

Affiliate Program

Every User account on the platform is automatically assigned a unique affiliate link, which if promoted and marketed on their diverse social & professional media networks would earn them a 1% commission from every confirmed booking, as a result of their promotional efforts.

Loyalty Card

RESTSCENE operates a loyalty membership card system that enables its subscribers to earn an instant 2.5% discount on every reservation/booking made on the platform.

Hospitality Catalogue

RESTSCENE dedicates a 1.5% of its charged commission from reservations on the platform into a strategic development and promoting of the Hospitality Catalogue that is designed to feature accommodation service providers/the hospitality industry, in a high-quality durable print media that is targeted to motivate readers into partaking in a broader online resource of the different featured listings.

Partners Networking Card

To strategically direct either existing or intending guests/users to respective listings on the platform, Restscene dedicates 0.5% of its charged commission to furnishing Partners with a customized QR code direct listing-link Networking Card.

Help the Homeless Program

In contributing our quota towards this drive, Restscene specifically funds this initiative by contributing 1% of every reservation made on our platform; making every Partner (Hosts) and Guest (Users) co-contributors to this laudable development.

We recognize in this unsettling times, as guests deem it fit to utilize several hospitality services anytime now, or in the future, we are committed to making them know we are thinking both in and out of the box, waiting with open doors and open hearts to ensure their safety and wellbeing is our utmost priority.